Skirt reparations (I'm not good at throwing things away)

The premesis of this project is that I had two unusable things. 1) An old, long, white cotton skirt that was worn to the degree that it was becoming disturbingly see-through. 2) A printed cotton dress that I saved from the theater I work at. It was in a play and it kept falling apart due to the fact that it just wasn't theathe-proof quality. It had ripped seams like you wouldn't believe. But I liked the print so I decided I'd do something with it.

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Crocheted Kitchen Wall

So here's the deal. For a reason I do not know and can not explain I got the idea that it'd be nice to have a wall in my kitchen that's covered with a big continuous crocheted... Thing. I wanted it to be black but being that I couldn't find a black yarn with the weight I wanted I decided to buy a very crochet-traditional off-white cotton yarn and dye it once the deed was done. Collapse )


I've been doing quite a bit of sewing, knitting and crocheting lately but haven't posted... Well... Any of it. Yesterday I took it upon myself to take some pictures and today I was supposed to post then. However I realized that I'm not really getting along with the camera I'm currently using (the old one had a little accident involving the floor and falling) so the pictures take quite a lot of editing. Thus I've used a great deal of my day on the computer and concentration is starting to abandon me. This will propably result to me not posting what I was supposed to but I'll still make a quick little post involving the following Collapse )


During my long line of miscellanious crafts I've started propably about three or four quilts that eventually went unfinished and got lost. Or something. I lost interest. But now I've finally finished one and thought I'd share it with you. I still haven't gotten around to steaming it so it's not perfect but damn it it's SEWN TOGETHER AND FINISHED!
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Loooooooooooong Socks!

Hi everyone! Long time no post. I've been kind of busy with a lot of things including THE BEST JOB EVER! I'm a seamstress/dresser at a theater! How cool is that!!! But getting to my point...

I kind of spend a lot of time at the computer and at the moment the thing is next to a drafty window leaving my little toes pretty cold. The rest of my legs weren't too happy about it either. My solution to the problem: Super long socks!

I've always knitted my socks starting from the rib but seeing how I had no idea how long these would be or how wide the opening should be I thought I'd try doing these toe up. Low and behold, these fit better than other socks I've made. So I'd say toe up is a very valid option for in my future sockly efforts.Collapse )

Barbie Clothes 2

While this is a much shorter post it still very much continues in the lines of not having a life. It's very weird how you can be so proud of soomething you've done and at the same time ashamed of how much time you spent. Well, I had nothing else to do either so it's not like I wasted time. :D This post continues where Barbie Clothes 1 ( ) left off.

This post is all about underwear, so here's what I did.
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Barbie Clothes 1

You know one of those life-thingies? I'm seriously concidering getting one. In the meantime however, I decided to make a really good gift for my cousins for once. I have four female cousins under the age of 10 and they like barbies. My project now is to make nice packs of barbie clothes for each one. I'm thinking in the range of 6-10 outfits each but we'll see when my enthusiasm for this runs out. For now at least seven each seems plausable.

First off: Knitted hoodie and harem pants.
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Happiness in a box!

Today I went out to do some shopping with my brother who came to see me. He lives far and in a small town so he likes to go around nice little stores when he comes to visit. We went to a few used goods stores and found some seriously awsome stuff that we weren't able to take with us (like an age old cash register, a typewriter, an old Husqvarna and a Singer that folds in to the table, two last of which I'm still crying after). But on to my point. I found a Regina Model II hand knitting mashine! For how much, you ask? 10 euros! Which is absolutely nothing! I haven't had time to do much more than test it but it works perfectly and there's no doubt I'll be using it a lot
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A Very Specialized Backpack

Instead of constructing an elaborate explanation of what this is (like I usually tend to do) I'm just going to post some pics and explain what's in them, so here's what I made. It's a backpack in case that was somehow unclear.
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