Anne-Mari (anzgu) wrote,

Copying My Jeans

I thought I'd share something I think worked out quite excellet. I've had a great pair of harem jeans for a few years now and they're super comfy and in my oppinion look great. Seeing how they're so great and the fact that they're slowly starting to wear out I decided to copy them.

Because they're harem pants copying the pattern was really easy. I just laid them flat on top of patterning paper and traced the outlines. First the front, then the back. The main pieces were mostly of the same shape so the only line I had to draw twice was the waistline. Once I had the main pieces I traced the waistband and then just fiddled with the cuts and pockets until I was happy with the result. As you can see I made the details a bit different just because I thought it'd look better that way on darker denim.

Left side is the original pair and the right side is the one I made.

The pants:

Right side details:

Left side details:

Back pockets:

And just for fun I made the inside of the waistband, pockets and bands on the ankles out of a tight-woves cotton print. I'm suprised as to how well I managed to copy the original and these are deffinately gonna go in to my everyday use- closet.

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