Anne-Mari (anzgu) wrote,

A Very Specialized Backpack

Instead of constructing an elaborate explanation of what this is (like I usually tend to do) I'm just going to post some pics and explain what's in them, so here's what I made. It's a backpack in case that was somehow unclear.

Front and back:

Magnetic snap in the front pocket:

Zipper pullers and the top handle:

This is what it looks like when you open the zipper:

And there's a set of magnetic snaps inside by which you can take off the top layer:

This is the top layer taken off. It has handles on each side so it can also be carried on it's own:

Once you've taken off the top layer, the bags insides look like this:

What you see is a flap and when you lift it, the rest of the bag looks like this:

So that's my backpack!

I hope the pics will scale down by the time I post this. I fixed the size in photobucket but it doesn't seem to be effecting this post yet...
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