Anne-Mari (anzgu) wrote,

Barbie Clothes 2

While this is a much shorter post it still very much continues in the lines of not having a life. It's very weird how you can be so proud of soomething you've done and at the same time ashamed of how much time you spent. Well, I had nothing else to do either so it's not like I wasted time. :D This post continues where Barbie Clothes 1 ( ) left off.

This post is all about underwear, so here's what I did.


First of all I made a pattern for basic underwear with masking tape, marker and a pair of scisors. I taped an area, drew on a piece I wanted and cut out the extra, then repeated the procedure with other pieces. Like so:


Once that was done and the pieces marked I just pealed off the masking tape and taped it to paper. I did the same with panties. Thus, I had my pattern:


Here's what I did with the pattern. A turquoise-black set:


Black lace set:


The only thing about these is that I'm not sure if they're a tad too grown up for my cousins. Maybe I should make some that are a bit less... Adult.
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