Anne-Mari (anzgu) wrote,

Loooooooooooong Socks!

Hi everyone! Long time no post. I've been kind of busy with a lot of things including THE BEST JOB EVER! I'm a seamstress/dresser at a theater! How cool is that!!! But getting to my point...

I kind of spend a lot of time at the computer and at the moment the thing is next to a drafty window leaving my little toes pretty cold. The rest of my legs weren't too happy about it either. My solution to the problem: Super long socks!

I've always knitted my socks starting from the rib but seeing how I had no idea how long these would be or how wide the opening should be I thought I'd try doing these toe up. Low and behold, these fit better than other socks I've made. So I'd say toe up is a very valid option for in my future sockly efforts.

Due to the long nature of these things I also made drawstrings for them. With little pom poms at the ends! Anywho, here's some picks of what I got done.

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