Anne-Mari (anzgu) wrote,


During my long line of miscellanious crafts I've started propably about three or four quilts that eventually went unfinished and got lost. Or something. I lost interest. But now I've finally finished one and thought I'd share it with you. I still haven't gotten around to steaming it so it's not perfect but damn it it's SEWN TOGETHER AND FINISHED!

The original idea was to make this out of scrap yarn but you know how it is when you go to a yarn store. "Oh this'd be PERFECT for the project I'm doing!" So I ended up buying a whole bunch.

There are 625 squares that I made and sewed together. Then I sewed in the black lines you can see on top. Lastly I crocheted the edges and added little tassles.

To top it off I sewed in little orange beads in the orange squares:

The edges:

And thus a quilt is done!
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