Anne-Mari (anzgu) wrote,

Crocheted Kitchen Wall

So here's the deal. For a reason I do not know and can not explain I got the idea that it'd be nice to have a wall in my kitchen that's covered with a big continuous crocheted... Thing. I wanted it to be black but being that I couldn't find a black yarn with the weight I wanted I decided to buy a very crochet-traditional off-white cotton yarn and dye it once the deed was done. Here's a little peek:

I started off by measuring the wall I wanted to crochet and then started the arguous task of crocheting the base grid. Here's a Making of -picture.

Once I was finished with the base (I wasn't yet in that picture) I started making the details:

At this point I started to have some serious doubts about my vision so I decided to try and put it on the wall in a kind-of-sort-of way to see if it's even close to what I want. Doing this I noticed that the window side was too narrow (eek!) so I added some width to it. A little disclamer is in order here: It will look way better finished than it does in the following pictures.

Even though it seems in the last picture as if the side would be missing about half of its length I only added about 10 cm due to the fact that in order for the wall to stay neat I wanted the crocheting to be pretty stretched when finished. And the 10 cm was jut the right amount, I found.

After mending the measurments to fit the wall I dyed all the parts black in the washing mashine. I used this dye:

It worked fine I guess. The colour turned out even but even though I used as much dye as the (kind of confusing) instructions told me to the colour seemed a bit dull. Could have been a deeper black. However, you don't really see it on the wall. There it looks fine.

After dyeing I had to think of a good way to stretch the base neatly across the wall. (Yes, this is when I started really thinking of it.) I ended up threading a 1mm steel wire all round the edges and using nails to stretch the whole thing on the wall. This was a serious pain in the butt but eventually it worked.

At this point I had the base on the wall and the details still on my desk. The reason I did this was that I wanted the base to be streached but not the details. The next step was decorating the details with beads:

Once that was done I sewed the details to the base (whilst it was on the wall, here I started to regret my decision to first put the base up on the wall) and thus it was finished.

Phew, that was a long post. Hope you enjoyed it!
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