We can't stop here, this is bat country!

I haven't done any printing in a looooong time but the other day I had a sudden urge to print something. Seeing how I'm kind of nuts over a certain movie (and seen it at least ten if not more times) I figured I'd make something related to it. I came up with a few ideas but decided on the following:
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Shorts, I copied.

I'm kind of a weird shape and I find it very hard to find jeans/pants/shorts/bottoms of any kind from the shops and so far I've had a serious lack in my wardrobe when it comes to shorts. Seeing how this summer has been very warm, that turned into a kind of a pain in the butt. However! I managed to cut up an old pair of cheap black jeans that turned out as a fitting pair of shorts. That meant that my shorts collection now consisted of one pair of shorts but no problem, they could be copied! ...Pattern wise, that is. I didn't want an exact copy, just a pair of shorts with the same fit.

Now, I've tried a few ways of copying patterns and they've been succesful at various degrees but none quite as I've wanted. One day I was looking for office supplies and picked up some sticky-backed plastic (not sure of the word, english isn't my first language) aswell. On the way home I had an epiphany that it would propably be great for copying patterns off of clothes aswell so I decided to have a go at it. And it worked out GREAT! Turns out this method is (for me at least) way more accurate than copying with paper and wa-haaaay faster than the masking tape method.
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Underwear: A non-trial attempt

Earlier I posted a set of underwear that I had made after much avoidance. I posted both the patterns I had just drafted and the test set of underwear I did based on the said patterns. The previous post is here: http://sew-hip.livejournal.com/2372990.html

So now I came to post the actual set I made based on the trial version. Since then I've also drafted a pattern for a thong and normal tai-style but they're not yet tested. And I'm not quite sure whether I'll get to them any time soon seeing how I'm not really fond of those styles. The reason for drafting them was more to do with practicing drafting underwear. But now on to the set!
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Denim dress with a serious twist

This post is long overdue just because I really thought I already posted this thing. Oops... So here's the deal. I had an evening wear course in school some time ago and on that course I made this and two additional corsets posted here: http://anzgu.livejournal.com/18107.html and here: http://anzgu.livejournal.com/17437.html

Last of which is meant as an optional top for the skirt on this post. I also made patterns for a third corset which I then later made on my own time. The result is posted here: http://anzgu.livejournal.com/18200.html

But now to the actual post!

I had a whole bunch of extra jeans that were worn, torn or just didn't fit anymore both from me and my brother. That being the case, I wanted to get rid of them and seeing how I had a sewing course coming, I thought I'd utilize the jeans as a material. So what if it's a course for evening wear, I've done stupid things before. I also wanted to try and make a style of corset I hadn't tried before so I combined these two things to design an outfit that, granted, turned out interesting but was no doubt a pain in the ass to sew. But! I'm definitely not one to turn down a challenge. Especially from myself. The whole thing:Collapse )

Maxi-dresses: The Sequel

A while ago I posted a few maxi-dresses both in my own journal and in this community. In that post I may have mentioned that I'm kind of seriously addicted to these things, so it's no surprise that I made yet another one of them. This one is fresh off the sewing machine,as I just finished it and its little friend, the shrug. I made the shrug just because there was just enough fabric for it. I had just finished making the pattern for it, so it just HAD to be tested. So here's the dress: Collapse )

Underwear. How long was I seriously going to avoid this?

So here's the thing. I've been sewing for a small forever and doing patterns for at least nine years and all that time I've knowingly avoided the general area of underwear. On a knitwear course a year or so ago I made a bra set but the success (or rather the lack there of) gave me a good excuse to say that my talents are in other areas of patterning and sewing. However, now that I finished my studies (Yay!), I've had enough extra time to look into this mysterious practice of producing lingerie. So what I did was I went through the things I like in my own drawers and decided on a few good styles. Then I looked into a few patterning instructions from my previous course and flipped through a lingerie patterning book I found in the library (that I STRONGLY disagreed with). Based on those I drafted patterns and made this set to test them. And low and behold, they were what I wanted! So here's what I managed to produce:
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A Dress Out of a Pile of Jeans

Yes, I know this is an age old project that's been done about a million times (about a hundred of them by yours truly) but I was in the mood for it!

In the midst of writing my last nights post I had another inspiration for sewing so this morning (once I managed to get myself up sometime after noon) I started a little project for a dress. Here's what I had to start with: Collapse )

Summer = Maxi Dresses!

Seeing how summer is seemingly trying to push it's way even to the land of the midnight sun, I got an inspiration to make some new summer clothes! All I've gotten done so far is one maxi dress but I thought you'd enjoy some of my previously made maxi dresses also so I gathered some of those in as well. As you can probably see, I'm a huuuuge fan of maxi dresses cause they make me look pretty (thee-hee) and they're really easy to make and wear as well. So here we are.

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So here they are. This (plus a few overalls) are going to pretty much all I'll wear this summer. Plus they might get a few friends. ;)

Stop-motioning my closet

The other day I was taking pictures of my newly finished corset and I had a sudden realization of the fact that all you need for stop-motion animation is a digital camera! Seeing how I (apparently) had way too much time on my hands that day I decided to have a go at it. The reason I thought you guys might be interested is that vast majority of the clothes featured on the video are hand knitted or -sewn by yours truly. Collapse )